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        Overseas Project Contracting and Manpower Dispatching

        (1) USA

        a. Chinese Garden in Phoenix, Arizona

        b. Palace Hotel, Guam

        (2) Japan

        Construction Personnel Foreign-dispatching

        (3) Russian Federation

        Chabarovsk Airport Lounge Building

        (4) Singapore

        a. National Library

        b. Citi Group Office Building

        c. Causeway Commercial Building

        d. Harvest Woodlands Condominium

        e. Valley Park Condominium

        f. Subway Ring Road National Gymnasium Station

        (5) Saudi Arabia

        a. Building of Ministry of Finance & National Economy Complex

        b. Building of Ministry of Education

        c. Riyahd Bill NO.2 Parcal 1.08 Package Hotel

        d. Viaduct Project in Tabuk

        (6) Kuwait

        a. International Sports Stadium in Aldeya

        b. Hamra Tower of Kuwait

        c. Hailai New City Municipal Water Tower

        d. City Ring Road 4 and 5 Rebuild Project

        e. Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Plant at Suilabiya

        f. Viaduct Project in Tabuk

        (7) United Arab Emirates

        Villas project in Palm Island

        (8) Sultanate of Oman

        Municipal projects

        (9) Iran

        Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Iran

        (10) Nepal

        Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Nepal

        (11) Kazakhstan

        Reimbek Office Building

        (12) Israel

        a. Toyota Tower, Tel Aviv, Israel

        b. Ashdod Apartment, Israel

        (13) Iraq

        a. Tikit General Hospital

        b. Baghdad Building of State Planning Ministry

        (14) Jordan

        Alaqubah Power Station

        (15) Lesotho

        Radio and Television Network Expansion Project

        (16) The Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis

        Hospital Project of St. Kitts

        (17) Grenada

        Site clearance work